We Help You Realize Your Dream of a Successful Business

In addition to our custom home building services, Dreambuilder also offers business-to-business consulting services. Dreambuilder’s experienced staff are trained to enhance performance and refine business processes in a variety of industries, with special expertise in construction, operations and call center enterprises. In fact, our consulting staff comes to Dreambuilder with a stellar record of success, having earned the following state and national awards:

  • Florida Governor’s Sterling State Team Showcase Award
  • Association for Quality and Participation National Team Excellence Gold Award

Specific consulting services include:

  • Organizational planning, including establishing a mission, vision, goals and communication strategies to inspire your staff.
  • Performance management, including assessment, benchmarking, program documentation and training for your staff.
  • Process improvement, including process mapping, analysis, documentation and enhancement along with cost-benefit analysis.
  • Workforce optimization, including training analysis, production processes and quality programs.

For examples of how we can assist your firm, here are a few of our accomplishments:

Operations: Improved goal performance from 60% to 92% within six months and increased process efficiency to grow customer base by 40% – with no additional staff.

Optimization: Saved a firm $1.5 million annually by designing new customer service call center processes.

Training: Reduced training time by 25% and post-training ramp-up to full production and quality by 50% through innovative curriculum redesign.

Construction: Reduced hard costs by nearly 30% over two years, saving $7 million by establishing and leading bidding and value-engineering processes.

Compliance: Improved annual corporate audit results by 90% in one year by transforming a process-poor department into a fully documented, process-oriented team.

You can read about the inpact of our work on our Testimonials page.  To learn more about how we can help your staff grow as a team to reach higher performance, contact us today.