Your Dream Comes to Life

Nothing is more exciting than watching your dream home come to life. As the caretakers of your dream, it’s our responsibility to attend to the daily project management and construction so that you can focus on planning for life in your new home. We will keep you informed every step of the way.

The number one reason clients become dissatisfied with their builder is due to lack of communication and understanding. Dreambuilder Custom Homes prides itself in superior customer service and will always return your calls in a timely manner and strive to answer any questions you may have in a language you can understand. We’ll provide you with a construction schedule so that you’re aware of the timeline and will schedule regular site visits to review your home’s progress. We’ll even set up a special place for you on our website where you can log in to monitor the construction of your new home and view photographs taken at certain milestones. Building times can vary based on the size and complexity of the floorplan, but typically a single family home can be built in six months.

You can also rest easy knowing that quality products and the region’s best suppliers, tradesmen and professionals are working make your dream a reality.

Live: Discover how Dreambuilder protects your home for the future.