Creative Ideas for ‘Rightsizing’ the Master Bath

This uplift cabinet from Robern is perfect for the ‘road warrior' or 'night owl,' says Rightsizing Your Home author Gale Steves.

by Mary Jo Peterson, Kitchen & Bath Design News

Have you ever looked at the space given to the master bathroom and wondered if we might be going so far as to need roller skates for those nocturnal visits from bed to bathroom? Have you noticed that in the hall or family bathrooms, it frequently seems the opposite – that we stick to the standard expected layout and design, with little or no appreciation for how that particular space is actually being used?

With this in mind, the concept of “rightsizing” the bathroom appealed to me. Rightsizing seems to be one of the latest buzzwords, and it’s being applied all over, from businesses to cars – in fact, I’ve even heard a reference to rightsizing your dogs!

When it comes to rightsizing the master bath, I naturally turned to industry icon Gale Steves and her new book, Rightsizing Your Home. The following thoughts on bath design are the result of that conversation.

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