Placing a bathtub away from the window wall and adding the furniture piece enhances the formal nature of this room and provides a landing spot for the bather’s use. Keeping a freestanding bathtub away from the wall surface makes the tub feel like a piece of furniture, rather than a bathroom fixture. (Designer: Theresa M. Sterbis, AKBD)

By Ellen Cheever, Kitchen & Bath Design News

Although the current client focus on budget is challenging, there are still many clients today willing to invest in a personal retreat. Colleagues have told me that while their upscale kitchen renovation leads are down, they have had a surprising number of requests for bathroom proposals: notably, extensive master bedroom/bathroom renovations. Therefore, the master bath suite can be an important part of your business offering.

When creating such a spa, bath designers should consider how the space will affect the five human senses. Additionally, it’s important to have an in-depth understanding of why certain “therapies” are considered healthy for the bather.

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