This week’s Internet Plan of the Week was recently published in Florida Homebuilder magazine and is a ‘small-scale mixed-use’ project on Long Boat Key, FL by architect Donald Evans.  A mixed-use project is one that mixes several property uses together, such as, in this case, residential and commercial, with the commericial further being broken down into office, retail and restaurant. 

All of the uses are designed to complement each other; for example, the offices will be busier during the day but then free up parking for use by the restaurant which will tend to be busier at night.  Since the restaurant could potentially be noisy, no living space on the third-floor residence is directly above the restaurant.

The three story structure contains parking on the first floor, commerical space on the second and a luxury residence on the third.

Open this PDF file to see the floorplans and the entire column.

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