— If you drive through older sections of Jacksonville like Riverside, Avondale and Springfield, you will see a great mix of small and large homes of varying architectural styles.  These homes were all built when residential architecture brought high value, character and definition to the home, regardless of its size.  Most homes built today, unfortunately, are big-box, dumbed-down structures that are devoid of any true architectural style.  As a custom home builder, Dreambuilder Custom Homes can educate you on the different styles available so that you can select the style that best suits your vision for your home, bringing beauty, value and real architectural integrity for years to come.

This link is a great start in that direction.  Click on it to see a handful of residential architectural styles and pictures.

Many more styles are available.  Contact Dreambuilder Custom Homes today to find out more about bringing true architectural style to your new custom home.

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