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One of the things that makes Starr® Custom Homes unique is our emphasis on designing in authentic architectural styles.  Today we’re going to present the Spanish Colonial Revival style, which can be seen on our DreamDesign® 22 and our upcoming DreamDesign® 46.

The Spanish Colonial Revival architectural style was born in the early 20th century with its greatest use occurring between 1910 and 1940.  The movement exemplified the styles originating in the Spanish colonization of the Americas and incorporated some elements of the Mission and Mediterranean Revival styles.  California and Florida were the two most popular areas of the country that embraced the style.


Spanish Colonial Revival architecture is characterized by a gabled roof with low pitch and clay or concrete barrel tiles.  The stucco exteriors tend to use ornamentation sparingly and are white or light colored, which contrast with darker, usually brown trim and medium-to-dark roof tiles.  Window frames are typically taller and thinner and colored bronze, again offering contrast against the white walls.  A pale green accent color is also typical, used on doors, shutters and the like.  Semi-circular arches appear in windows, doors, doorways and porches.  Several structure in St Augustine are great examples of the style, including the Alcazar and Casa Monica hotels.


Many of these elements carry to the interior, with white or light interior wall colorings contrasting with medium-to-dark wood floors and millwork.  Use of wood beams and iron details bring contrast and texture to the style.  Arches and barrel vaults are common, as seen in the kitchen and master bath of DreamDesign® 22.


Designing with authenticity is an SCH hallmark, and we enjoy bringing these design elements to our modern-day floorplans.  Our clients can enjoy a home that is created for how today’s family lives yet also harkens back to history.  Contact us today to see how we can bring your architectural style of choice to life!

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