More cook-in dining room than eat-in kitchen, this shared space conceals equipment and food storage behind flush red cedar panels and in stacked cabinets that hide in plain sight. Credit: Michael Moran

Yesterday we featured the baths of this custom home; today, the kitchen is the star.

By Bruce D. Snider, Custom Home Online

This eastern Long Island retreat, dubbed Northwest Peach Farm for the orchard that surrounds it, was designed to enhance the “rituals of everyday life,” says architect Paul Masi . And for the owners, a Manhattan couple who use the house on weekends year-round, that includes a celebration of cooking and dining. “They’re into good food and wine,” Masi says. “He cooks, so the kitchen became a central hub.” Masi and partner Harry Bates devoted a substantial amount of interior real estate—and considerable ingenuity—to a room that combines the arts of cooking and dining in a way that elevates both experiences.

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