Part of the service that makes Dreambuilder Custom Homes special is its approach to warranty — the ‘service after the sale.’  All of our work on remodeling/renovation projects is warranted for a year.  Additionally, we proactively contact our clients throughout that year to make sure all is well — and if not, we arrange the necessary work to be handled quickly.

It had been about three months since we completed Dreambuilder Thirteen, a large kitchen renovation for the McDonald family, so we contacted them to see how things were going and to make sure there were no issues.  Vivian McDonald responded with this message:  “It’s so funny you reached out. I was just thinking that I needed to email you and let you know how much we LOVE our kitchen! I am a cooking fiend – trying new recipes every weekend. We still can’t think of anything we’d change.”  In addition to this wonderful endorsement, there were no warranty issues with the work.

Dreambuilder’s goal is for all of our clients to be as happy as the McDonalds even after the initial excitement of the completed project has passed.  Our initial job quality and the follow-up after the sale are characteristics you can count on when we collaborate with you on your remodeling or renovation project.  Contact us today to get started!

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