Custom homes in Jacksonville FL should have architectural style

— If you drive through older sections of Jacksonville like Riverside, Avondale and Springfield, you will see a great mix of small and large homes of varying architectural styles.  These homes were all built when residential architecture brought high value, character and definition to the home, regardless of its size.  Most homes built today, unfortunately,…

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Habitat for Humanity now a top 10 U.S. builder

— Dreambuilder Custom Homes supports Habijax, Jacksonville’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity.  To find out how you can help, click here.  To find out more about other organizations that Dreambuilder supports, see our support page.

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. – July 21, 2010 – The market forces that bumped Habitat for Humanity up into the top 10 on a list of leading U.S. home builders prevent the nonprofit group from celebrating the milestone.

Habitat for Humanity moved up three spots to eighth on Builder magazine’s Builder 100 list for 2009, partly because for-profit builders struggled and potential homebuyers put off new-home purchases.

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Mortgage rates hit another record low

McLEAN, Va. – July 9, 2010 — U.S. mortgage rates fell for the second straight week to the lowest level in five decades, as a refinancing boomlet took hold.

Mortgage company Freddie Mac reports that the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) average 4.57 percent, down from last week when it averaged 4.58 percent. That’s the lowest level since Freddie Mac began tracking rates in 1971.

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Kitchen comebacks: popular for remodeling

ORLANDO, Fla. – July 8, 2010 – The explosion of remodeling shows on TV and makeover spreads in magazines has whetted America’s appetite for glamorous rooms brimming with the latest furnishings, appliances and color schemes.

Kitchen remodels are among the most popular, according to a report in the just-published August issue of Consumer Reports and online at And the economic slowdown means there are outstanding deals on everything from cooktops to countertops. It also means kitchen designers and building contractors are eager for work and willing to negotiate.

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