Kitchen Remodel Inspires Home Reorganization

As we continue our series on kitchen and bath design trends, today we look at how a kitchen remodel inpsired a reorganization of several spaces, creating a more ideal living environment.  Dreambuilder has the design expertise and access to professional consultants to do the same for your new or existing home. By Andrea Girolamo ARVADA,…

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Mortgage Rates May Have Hit Bottom

About two weeks ago we published a Newsfeed post about mortgage interest rates nearing the bottom — meaning the only place they can go is up.  While the rates are still at historical lows, waiting to make that building decision for several months could result in a higher interest rate, which lessens your buying power.  This article from the New York Times by Lynnley Browning provides insight on why now is the time to act!

Mortgage rates in 2010 were the lowest in six decades, but a recent and sustained increase may indicate that consumers can expect to pay more in the new year to buy or refinance a home.

After hitting rock bottom in mid-November, fixed rates for 30-year mortgages, the most common type of home loan, have steadily risen.

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Daily Show: the modern kitchen at Northwest Peach Farm

Yesterday we featured the baths of this custom home; today, the kitchen is the star. By Bruce D. Snider, Custom Home Online This eastern Long Island retreat, dubbed Northwest Peach Farm for the orchard that surrounds it, was designed to enhance the “rituals of everyday life,” says architect Paul Masi . And for the owners,…

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Separate Peace: modern baths at Northwest Peach Farm

By Bruce D. Snider, Custom Home Online Northwest Peach Farm’s master bathroom also occupies a generous volume, and it, too, employs a simple motif to delineate functional areas without dividing the space into separate chambers. A free-standing makeup counter helps define the bathing area, its steel-framed mirror echoing the windows used throughout the house. A…

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Merry Christmas!

Dreambuilder would like to wish all of its colleagues and friends a merry Christmas!